Parenting Answers & Tips From Nicole MacKenzie

Bringing a child into the world is one of the most wonderful experiences. Remember the first time you held your tiny baby? Just magical! Then the fun begins. We get handed parenting tips left, right and centre, some of it helpful, some of it definitely not!

Create a sense of order in their world.¬†Parenting with this style includes setting, establishing and with consistency having;¬†clear boundaries and a structured routine. This is you as a parent setting down the law of the land. When there is law, then there can be flexibility and hearing the child’s voice. If there is no law as a grounding, as a base, as a core, then it is a free for all where children become brats.

As you can see from the activities I have mentioned they can be done in a group, but you are likely to derive maximum benefit if it is just you and your teen. Getting out the house and spending time together not only helps maintain the bond, but also gives your teenager a better chance to talk about their world then if the rest of the family is around.

Typically, parents voluntarily terminates their rights when they wish to give the child up for adoption. Termination of parental rights may be voluntary or involuntary. When it comes to voluntary termination of parental rights, the process is quite difficult because children are generally seen to have a right to a parental relationship and, particularly, a right to receive financial support and care from both parents. Two common situations that often lead to requests to terminate parental rights include a parent who wishes to terminate his/her child support or financial obligation for the child; or a parent who desires to have the other parent completely out of their life.

Do know, the sibling relationship and the lack of a sibling relationship absolutely affects the development of who this child becomes. It is the parenting piece in terms of how the parent navigates the sibling relationship dynamic or lack thereof and choices the parents make that is the difference that makes the difference in terms of brat development.