Baby Hip Carriers Are Hip!

Baby hip carriers come in a variety of shapes and sizes and colours. There are different brands of baby hip carriers such as the Hotslings pouch slings which allow you to carry a baby four months of age and older on your hip, forward facing. They are specifically made so that the baby?s bottom has a specific place and that baby is in a comfortable sitting position. Baby?s back is supported by the hip carrier as is the person carrying the baby. Hotslings pouch slings come in a variety of colours and sizes to fit most women and can hold a child who weighs up to 35 pounds. And dad?s can wear them too!

Other baby hip carriers include the Mei Hip baby hip carrier, which is designed much like the Mei Tai baby carriers but specifically designed for use on the hip, and it uses buckles instead of ties. The Mei Hip baby carrier has all the comfort and back support of the Mei Tai and the security of the ring sling as it transfers some of the babies?s weight to your hips. This particular style of the baby hip carrier has large, secure buckles that lock into place around your shoulder and back for maximum support for both you and your baby or toddler.

Baby Hip Carriers

Baby ring slings are also perfect as baby hip carriers. Baby ring slings are large, long pieces of cloth that you wrap around your shoulder and slide one end through a set of rings near your shoulder. It is an easy adjustment to place the baby or toddler on your hip for easy carrying as they grow taller and heavier and less likely to enjoy the cradle style of using the ring sling.

Another style of baby hip carrier is one from Playtex which is a baby hammock hip carrier which allows the baby to be seated in the correct position on your hip while it also gives you the support your back and sides need for carrying a baby or toddler. Both the waist and shoulder straps are adjustable with contoured padding. For the baby, it has a convertible backrest and quilted outer fabric and inner micro fabric.

Baby hip carriers are popular because they help distribute the weight of the baby on your hips and down your legs, not emphasise the weight on your back which can help avoid a lot of aches and pains. Zip ?n Go Hip Carrier is another baby hip carrier that is small and compact and also has a carrying pouch for when it is not in use. The baby?s portion has a higher back and this gives a baby a better sitting position. It is generously padded with a lining that allows air to flow through and has one storage pocket. It?s made for babies and toddlers five months old and up to 40 pounds in weight.

Another popular baby hip carrier is the Quinny Curb hip soft baby carrier which has big soft padding, much like a backpack, and holds the baby in place with two leg holes and a large strap around their back for maximum support. This model has a waist strap which is a large padded strap with a locking snap to help keep baby in place. The fabric is soft almost vinyl and machine washable, which is always a good feature when children are involved!

No matter which brand of baby hip carriers you prefer, you will enjoy the benefits of having your child close to you and easy to travel with.